affiliated and unaffiliated showing?HELP?

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  1. Okai,, I have been showing for about 4 years now, since i got my pony.
    Only local shows and that, :) unaffiliated showing..
    But a friend of mine Does affiliated showing.
    I kinda Know the difference, But how do i affiliated? What do i do, How much does it cost etc..

    Serious Answers People that actuallyy show affiliated!

    Answer by Stacey
    Affiliated shows are also called “Rated” horse shows. The difference is what kind of classes they have, cost, and difficulty.

    Most affiliated shows are very well organized, in good facilities (such as the Kentucky Horse Park), and a lot more “professional” than local shows. You will find more professional riders, higher difficulty in your competition, and more experienced riders.

    Also, if you were to show at a local show, you may have 10-20 other riders in your class. At rated shows you could have as many as 60 other horses that you are competing against, and the competition will be a lot stiffer.

    Cost is a big thing as well. Say I were to spend 3 days at a local show. I would do 3 divisions, one each day, and my total show bill (including stall) would prob round out to around $ 300. At a rated show, same 3 days, same 3 divisions, It could cost me anywhere from $ 400, to $ 600. This all depends on the size of the show, the venue, and how far you travel.

    They also usually have more classes with a prize pot. So you have a chance to win money if you are good enough to win it.

    Keep in mind the value of the horses at affiliated shows are much higher than ones at local shows. Some of the horses/ponies you may be competing against could be worth as much as $ 100,000.

    Hope this helps.

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