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             Susie King Taylor:
   "What a Wonderful Revolution!"



      premiered on May 28, 2022
        at the Savannah Theatre

First Black nurse in American history


First teacher of freed Black children in the U.S.


Only Black woman to write a Civil War memoir


Her time is now

This play tells Susie King Taylor's epic story in two acts spread over 21 scenes and features a cast of 26 actors playing over 50 roles, including 4 as the lead character during different periods of her life. Join us for the premiere performances of a show that will run as long as people want to learn the true story of one of Savannah's most singular hidden figures.

Thank You for Making This Production Possible!
Galvan Foundation $10,000
Fritz and Lorrie Rumpel  $7000
Hafemann, Magee & Thomas, LLC $1000

Tybee MLK Human Rights Organization $500
Integrity Auto Repair $500
The Reparations Project $500
Stein Accounting CPA $500
Willis Shellman $300
Underground Tours, LLC &
The Center for Jubilee, Reconciliation and Healing  $300
Marcia Johnson $250
St. Pius X School Reunion $200
Ray and Rosalyn Truitt $200
Abbie and Micah Sprunger $150
Mary and Doug Smith $150
John Novikoff $150
Beverly and Jim Flanagan $100
Brian Dennison $100
Fox and Fig Cafe  $100
Dick and Elaine Scoggins $100
William and Betsy Boyd Strong $100
Michael Thurmond $100
Fox and Fig Cafe $100
Jane Pressly $100
Patt Gunn $100
Raymond King $100
Israel Small $100
Mary Shank $100
Racine Truitt $100
Edwin Williams $100
Patricia Lowe $100
Dream House $80
Cassandra Odom $50
Christopher Lowry $50
Meg Groeling $50
Dorothy Gutschenritter $50
Ben Toure $50
Randy Gunter $50
Charles Moore $50
Connie Cole $50
Dannette Berksteiner $50
Russell Walker $25
Felicia Brookes $25
Julie Windsor $20
Craig Campbell $20
Alexandra Forby $15
Rachel Perkins $15
Donna Bettis $10
Reosha Bush $10
Kenya Smith-Adams $10

40 acres and a lawnmower $10

And it's not too late to add your name to our honor roll of patrons. We still need to raise $8000 to ensure that this show will go on and on! (History Theatre is a 501-c-3 organization registered in the state of


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